Weird Girl (Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE)

Halloween 2013



Oh, sure, we all know that the cute story about the boy who loves his dog so much that he brings it back to life is touching and all, but the real story of Tim Burton’s stop motion film Frankenweenie is Weird Girl and her psychic cat, Mr. Whiskers.

“Frankenweenie” (PICTURED) WEIRD GIRL. ©2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Peter Sorg.

I was obsessed with this character before the movie even came out. Her design is epic. And after the movie, I knew I wanted to cosplay her, but it was tough to figure out how to start considering that this is a blck and white film, and all the other cosplays that I saw which showed her dress as being black and white looked off when combining it with the natural colors of skintone.

However, this film is special because although it is a b/w, it is only FILMED that way. It is stop motion and so in order to get all the different greyscale tones just right, the physical “puppets” were made in color and then filmed in b/w. So when I found the images of Weird Girl in her full color scheme, I had a green light for which direction to go in.

tumblr_mbm45aIeiy1qj426co1_500[1] Frankenweenie-frankenweenie-32652173-400-732[1]

Weird Girl’s outfit consists of one main component: her dress. As you can see from thephotos, her dress is a light pink with white lace trim and black flower embroidery. The dress itself features a lot of pleating. A nearly perfect, affordable option popped up during my ebay search and I knew I had found my base. I considered all the different ways to get the flowers on there (embroidery, paint, etc) but eventually I decided that the way to get them looing the most consistent would be to use appliques. Following that, I found a bunch of big white lace trimming to use around the neck area.


The front of the dress features pleating, which is why I was drawn to it.


Weird Girl’s dress features a lot of poof, so an underskirt was absolutely necessary. The one I got needed to be trimmed in order to not be seen from under the short hem, but I made it work. Black ribboning was used for her belt.

544550_585586651471517_1139784509_n[2]The last piece needed was Mr. Whiskers himself. I considered a lot of different cat toys, and finally I invested in the most expensive piece of the costume overall: an animatronic “Fur Real” Persian cat, which would move and meow when switched on.

“FRANKENWEENIE” (L-R) WEIRD GIRL and MR. WHISKERS. ©2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Now that the costume was complete, I added a blonde wig with bangs. My fantastic sister helped me with makeup, and we decided on sharp contouring with BIG eyelashes. Although Weird Girl is not given eyelashes in the film, it’s undeniable that the first (and nearly only) thing that you see when you look at her is her eyes. So I wanted to mimic that look by drawing attention to my eyes, and the insane lashes did the trick. With Weird Girl, the bigger lashes the better.



Dress – Ebay (user muifashion) – $18.69

Lace – Ebay (user michiganwildflower) – $6.00

Petticoat – Ebay (user in-marry) – $8.50

Flower Appliques – Ebay (user peace_pea) – $7.99

Fur Real Persian Cat – Ebay (user collectioncornerstoreandmore) – $32.81

Eyelashes – Meijers (Halloween Selection) – $8.99

Wig – Ebay (user aczombie) – $13.00

Black Ribbon – Michael’s Crafts – $8.00

Shoes – Already Owned – $0.00

FINAL COST: $104.34

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