Robin (BATMAN COMICS- Rule 63)


If you’ve never heard of Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo, before, then you have lived under a rock. Robin was first introduced in 1941 (a mere three years after Batman’s own introduction!) and he was the first kid sidekick EVER to appear in comic books. If you like Teen Titans or Young Justice or anything else that involves young superheroes, you have Robin to thank for that. For years, Robin served alongside Batman as a protector of Gotham City and Batman’s protegee.

I have always loved this character, so for my first comicon in 2011, I composed a female version of the classic Robin outfit.

By “classic” I mean golden and silver age comics. If you don’t know what that is, think of Burt Ward in the 1966 Batman series.

As you can see, the classic Robin stuck strongly with the green, red, and yellow color theme. So I did the same, to the best of my ability.

The shirt was actually composed of two different shirts, because as you can see he has a red base with green sleeves. So I got a thin green shirt with cap sleeves to go underneath, and a red tank top for going over top of that. Onto the red tank top went three yellow bars, which were actually from a pack of blank cloth name tags (like the ones personalized and sewn onto work shirts). I also got ahold of an “R” logo patch that is not the stylized version used by more current Robins in the comics.

I have never been a fan of short shorts, and because this is Rule 63-ified, I chose to find a green mini skirt instead. I didn’t want it plain, because if you’ll look at the picture Robin’s shorts had an unusual texture design to them. My homage to this was the use of a pleated skirt, so that the idea of texture was still there.

The short yellow cape was the single most expensive piece of the entire costume, running about $35. But it is shiny and yellow and exactly the length I needed. You’d be amazed at how hard it is to find a quality yellow cape.

Black mask was simple enough, I just got the cheapest one on ebay. I decided to get a cloth one though, because they tend to look more genuine and they feel much better on your face. Instead of getting replica green gloves with the wide sleeves, I went for green fishnet gloveletts because that added an extra feminine touch. Not to mention, at a comicon it is always nice to have your fingers free.

The only piece of this costume that I was unable to get was the shoes. I wanted a pair of green heels, to give the boot look in the picture and, again, to play inot Rule 63. However, the shoes simply were too expensive. I also wanted to make sure that I got shoes that I would be able to walk around in all day. So, when in doubt, tall black boots always fit into a superhero outfit. The more modern Robins wear them, so I just decided to borrow that one modern piece. I happen to have several excellent and comfortable pairs of black boots, so those just came straight out of my closet.

FINAL COST: $77.00

At comicon 2011

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