Comicon 2012

Raven is an empath who can absorb and manipulate emotions. She is the daughter of an interdimensional demon and an earth woman, and she was raised in the dimension of Azarath. There she learned to completely control all of her own emotions, because if they get out of control, she will lose mastery of her powers and her father will use her for evil purposes. Raven is a part of the Teen Titans in the DC Universe.

So, if you thought that there was nothing more to Raven than the slightly goth version in Teen Titans the TV series, now you know! =D

I approached the idea of cosplaying as Raven with only one clear thought in mind: there was no way I was not going to wear pants. o_O

That’s the cartoon version of her, which is the most well known and which I love. However…. let’s just say, I enjoy wearing pants or else something that covers me up. So this particular version of the costume was never going to be an option. At all.

So instead, I decided to go for the costume that is presented in the comics:

That has much more comfort potential. Based on that, I came up with my own design:

First thing I needed was a dress. I found a nice navy blue dress on Ebay, with only straps instead of sleeves just like I needed, and one slit already built in the side. Thankfully, it only ran me about $8, I got really lucky there.

The gloves were 23″ blue opera gloves, also about $8. I cut off all the finger sections except for the two in the middle. Raven has gone through many different designs of gloves, but I always loved the ones where only those two fingers are covered. Initially I was preparing to go with shorter gloves, as you can see from the design, but I decided to cut some other stuff out (namely, the black wig) so that I could get the longer gloves.

Did anyone call that the hooded cape would be the most expensive part? Well if you did, you are completely correct. It cost about $30 on ebay, which is actually a really good price as far as floor length hooded capes go. The gold pins on the outside were also purchased on ebay, and I customized them with a wing design that is often seen on Raven’s pins in the comics.

Raven’s hood is a very specific bird sillouette, and it’s kind of her trademark. Unfortunately they don’t just make hoods like that. Thankfully for me, you can make all the edits in the world with some safety pins.

And that way, if I want to use the cape for anything else in the future, the hood can be reverted back into its usual shape.

Another detail I needed to think about was the belt. Once again ebay was my friend, and it yielded a 70’s era “Native American” bird chain belt for around $11. It’s perfect because you can see distinctly that it is made of bird shaped pieces.

Those trusty black boots are going to be going with this costume again, the same as they did with my Robin costume (see the page tab: Robin Rule 63).

The final thing I needed to do was to make the chakra (red jewel thing) on her head. If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember that I talked about that on here. Eventually I got a sheet of cell phone bling stickers which can easily be used to make the design.

Work in progress! Here you can see the gloves, cape, dress, and belt.

I also picked up a set of little black bird decals to go on my nails. They’re not in the comics, but they fit the theme so I decided they would be fun.

Raven themed nails.

The one thing I decided NOT to do anything with was my hair. My first thought was a wig, but they can get expensive fast and they are CRAZY hard to try to keep on your head. Especially if there’s a hood on top of all that! My next thought was to spray paint my hair black (no, not with actual paint, with hair paint!) but black stuff seems to be hard to find in stores. It’s all red and glitter colors, which won’t exactly go with Raven. So I simply pulled my hair back with a clip and put the hood up. It was awesome; because of the pinning to give the hood the bird look, the sides of the hood laid against my head and hid all my hair! So really, all I need is a rubber band to keep my hair back. Quite affordable.

Motor City Comicon 2012


Dark blue velvet gown – Ebay – $8.00

Bird belt – Ebay – $11.00

Opera Length Blue Gloves – Ebay – $8.00

Bird Nail Decals – Ebay – $2.99

Crushed Velvet Blue Hooded Cape – Ebay (user disneybride2010) – $30.00

Red Adhesive Jewels – Ebay – $1.50

Gold Buttons – Ebay – $6.00

Black Boots (already owned) – $0.00

FINAL COST: $67.50

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