Rainbow Dash (MY LITTLE PONY- Human Form)

Motor City Comicon 2013



Whether you consider yourself a Brony or not, everyone has heard of MLP in some way, shape, or form. My friend Lizzi and I decided to do matching pony cosplays for Comicon 2013, which would be her first comicon. Her favorite pony is Fluttershy, so that was a no brainer. My two favorite ponies are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, but I decided to go with RD since she would be a bit more of a costuming challenge for me. (I could make MANY Pinkie Pie cosplays with just the amount of pink stuff I have in my closets.)


So Rainbow Dash it was. RD represents the element of Loyalty, and she is incredibly true to her friends. She is stubborn and has a bit of pride, considering herself the best athlete in all of Equestria. She’s not too far off the mark, though, as she is the only pony who can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier and create what is known as a Sonic Rainboom: a sonic boom and a rainbow which happen all at once. Think nuclear explosion in a rainbow form.

There were a few things that I was positive of right from the get go of planning this costume. First, I wanted to make something different. Something that hadn’t been done before. There have been many versions of the RD-as-a-human cosplay, and they all seem to feature the same things: short blue gym shorts, athletic shoes, tall gym socks, and some type of hoodie.

I get that they’re trying to look “athletic”, but come on. I think RD would laugh her face off if she could see that crap.

The second thing I wanted to avoid was something that seems to haunt every single unicorn and Pegasus cosplay out there… fake appendages.

I am sorry, but having cardboard wings sticking out of your back, a plastic horn coming from your head, or colored horse ears mounted in your hair just looks pathetic. If these ponies were really turned into a human, do you honestly think that those things would still stay? NO. So I will have nothing extra sticking out of my body except for my own limbs, thank you very much. And that includes no tail clipped to my pants. That would be too easy to say, “Hey, look at me, I’m the pony Rainbow Dash!” No. We do this the hard way.

So first step: order a rainbow wig WITHOUT THE EARS. And lo and behold, here she is!


I had to trim the bangs a tiny bit, but other than that, it was perfect right out of the package.

The glasses I’m wearing are also part of my costume. They have RD’s cutie mark in the corner, which you can see in the picture, and along the sides they say “20% Cooler”.

I decided to stay away from the “gym outfit” look that is popular among RD cosplayers and went instead with more of a biker inspired ensemble. So I got black skinny jeans and a light blue tank top as the base and complemented those two pieces with a rainbow belt. On top of that I added a short jean jacket which I customized to be 20% cooler.

I added light blue wing decals, her cutie mark, and rainbow jewel accents to make it awesome. I gave the same type of treatment to the high top black shoes, putting on rainbow jewel designs and light blue “shwings” (little cloth wings you can put on your shoes) to simulate her being a Pegasus without actually strapping cardboard wings to my back.

20150805_164127 20150805_164150

I always figured that RD would have some *cough* pumped-up kicks if she had human feet.

20150805_164223 20150805_164235

Front and back of the jacket.

I also wanted to give her a necklace. Because I already had her cutie mark incorporated into the jacket, I decided to simulate her element of Harmony, which is loyalty. This is represented in the show as a red lightning bolt jewel attached to her neck. I used a “feather” necklace for my base, as it looked similar to laurel leaves, which symbolize athletic victory.


Pants – (already owned) – $0.00

Tank Top – (already owned) – $0.00

Jacket – (already owned) – $0.00

Shoes – Rue 21 (Black Friday special) – $5.00

Belt – Rue 21 (Clearance) – $1.00

Shwings – Michaels Crafts – $7.99

Wing Appliques – Ebay (user crystalsrusltol) – $9.28

Necklace Charm – Ebay (user thesilverion75) – $5.60

Shoe Charms – Ebay (user rucharmed) – $3.63

Feather Necklace – Ebay (user fashionsshow) – $9.99

Rhinestones – Ebay (user sorrentocrafts) – $2.99

Wig – Ebay (1982bigdreamer) – $20.98

FINAL COST: $66.51

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