Princess Rapunzel (Disney’s TANGLED)



Disney’s “Tangled” gave us all a new look at the story of Rapunzel, the woman who lived in a tower and had about 70 feet of golden hair. In Disney’s version, Rapunzel’s hair grows as long as it does (and maintains that strong, sparkly glow!) because it is actually infused with the power of the sun. This gives her the power to heal everything… including old age. Becaue of this ability, she was kidnapped by a woman named Mother Gothel, who uses Rapunzel to keep herself young. Gothel never lets Rapunzel out of the tower, as she is afraid of someone cutting the hair (destroying the healing powers) and she also doesn’t want to share the ability to remain young with the rest of the world. So she hides Rapunzel away and makes sure she doesn’t know that she was actually the Princess of the nearby kingdom. All that will change, however, when Rapunzel’s tower is accidently invaded by Flynn Rider, a handsome swashbuckling thief who lives an adventure, which is something that Rapunzel craves and is determined to get no matter what the cost.

Tangled  is one of my favorite Disney movies, so the idea to cosplay as Rapunzel was not exactly a far thing from my mind. The only problem? I don’t have seventy feet of golden, magical hair. And a wig like that would not only break my bank account but more than likely break my neck, too.

The solution was to focus on Rapunzel as she appears at the end of the movie. She’s been restored as the Princess of her Kingdom, and her hair has been cut to an above-the-shoulder bob and therefore has turned brown.

Brown short hair? Suddenly, the character is do-able.

I decided to copy the look that Rapunzel debuts for the final party scene in the movie. It looks like this, in case you don’t remember:

So, I went to my friend, the local Salvation Army store. There I was lucky enough to find a perfect two piece rose colored dress in my size. Armed with this perfect beginning canvas, I went to work. All that was needed was some fabric glue, purple and pink fabric paints, white flower lace, thick and thin pink ribbon, and some stencils, one of which (the leaves) I had the and other (the Sun of the Kingdom) I made from cardboard and tape.

I took photos along the way to chronicle the making of the costume:


1) The dress as I found it.  2) Middle section partitioned off with tape and being painted.


3) Pink fern stenciling added to middle section.  4) Sun logo of the Kingdom stenciling added to middle section. 

5) Purple bordering along the outside of the middle section.  6) Bodice detailing.


7) Pink highlighting added to bodice detailing.  8) Back of bodice with ribbon sleeves w/ lace trimming added, along with paint and ribbon “corset”.


9) Crown. 10) The finished dress!

The crown I purchased off of Ebay for about $20. It was the closest thing I could find to the crown she wore in the movie.

My little sister donned a purple dress and a golden braided wig and she was little Rapunzel to go with me as big Rapunzel!


The dress in trick-or-treating action!

Halloween 2011

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