Frodo (THE LORD OF THE RINGS- Rule 63)

Tolkien Fan Club Halloween Party 2012526452_480565541973629_930276103_n[1]

Frodo is not only the best hobbit ever, but he’s the best character in the entire Lord of the Rings book. As a Hobbit, he is short in stature and not well equipped for big adventures, same as all the rest of his people. But this doesn’t stop him from volunteering to take the Ring of Doom right into the realm of Sauron, its evil maker, in an attempt to destroy it and therefore rid Middle-Earth of evil once and for all. Frodo is the only being who has been able to withstand the corrupting allure of the Ring’s power for a long period of time, making him really the ONLY one who can take it all the way into Mordor to destroy it. His small Hobbit size masks a great willpower, the greatest that Middle-Earth has ever known.

Frodo was my first real favorite character from anything, whether book or movie. At nine, I saw the (now I realize, quite awfully made!) cartoon version of the Return of the King and Frodo won me over with his strength of mind and will, and yet by still showing care and love towards his friends. And also because he had big, pretty eyes (what can I say? I was nine). The next summer, when I was ten, I read all three Lord of the Rings books and also The Hobbit. That December (2001), when I had just turned eleven, The Fellowship of the Ring came out into theaters (and what are the odds? Frodo STILL had big, pretty eyes!). Throughout each different version that I encountered of the story, Frodo remained my favorite character and he still is.

Therefore, since I have Rule 63 to justify any costume that I want, it goes without saying that Frodo was going to be one of the characters that I would dress up as. I’m not sure exactly what event this costume will be for quite yet, but who says that needs to stop me! Let the costuming continue on!

I’m going to go for a Fellowship of the Ring look, which is this:

His basic outfit is composed of dark brown capri pants and vest, a brown jacket, and a long sleeved white shirt. Of course, since no one in Middle Earth wears coats for traveling, he also dons a forest green cape when leaving the Shire. Originally that is the one I was planning on replicating, but the cape that I have was not long enough in the front to do the awesome twisty thingie and I feel that the leaf brooch is better known as being something from the Lord of the Rings.

The cape that I have, BTW, is a green cape that only needed some hemming (thank you, fabric glue!). I discovered it after a quick search through my old theater props.

The cape as it is. Obviously, it will require quite a bit of poking in order to get into Hobbit-ready shape!

I stopped at the local Salvation Army, and I found the most PERFECT jacket to go with the outfit! It’s not as long as Frodo’s jacket in the movie, but it is an awesome leathery fabric and it has amazing flap-covered pockets. Ahh! Too good of a find to pass up, and well worth the $19.99 investment.


The jacket as it looks on me, and also a closer look at the awesome flap pockets! Can you tell I’m excited about finding a jacket with those???

Pretty good start! And the only thing I’ve had to pay for this amount of costume is $20.

Oh ebay, you will never cease to help me cosplay.

I knew immediately upon deciding that I wanted to do a Frodo costume that the most expensive part of the whole thing was going to be Sting.

Sting, just in case you didn’t know (which I doubt but here we go anyways!) is an Elvish made blade (Hey that rhymed!) which Frodo’s guardian/cousin/he calls him Uncle, Bilbo Baggins picked up during his own adventures. Sting glows blue when orcs are close. As a fun fact, the elvish writing on the blade translates into “Sting is my name, I am the spider’s bane.”

The problem is, quality Sting swords cost crazy psycho amounts of monies. Even when they’re being resold. You’re talking upwards of $100 for the blade alone, and if you want the sheath too, tack on at least $50 more.

There is, however, a solution. I call it battle damaged swords.

In reality, all that means is that there are some people out there who do a crappy job of taking care of amazing things such as a copy of Sting. The good news for me is, since I don’t have the highest standards in the world, I am totally fine with a sword that features a blade with some pitting, and a handle with worn paint details. Restore time!

The blade as-is. There are some dark pitting marks, but really, for a $10 sword (okay yeah, plus the $9 shipping!) I can deal with a few blemishes.

Using a metallic silver sharpie pen that I had lying around, I was able to restore the beautiful elven vine image on the handle.


The same handle section: before and after

The other thing I had lying around that I put to good use was a container of special wipes used to shine up gold and silver jewelry.

The top of the sword handle before. It was very dull and grimy looking.

After a vicious rubbing with jewelry cloths. Much better.

A quick trip to salvation army later, and I picked up a white collared shirt, brown capris, and a brown vest that worked perfectly. Those were definitely the easiest parts to find. However, one very important piece was missing: the hair.

Obviously Frodo’s hair is darker and shorter than mine. Ordering an appropriately styled hobbit wig was going to cost a lot of money, so it was time to improvise! I went to a Halloween store and picked up a long curly black women’s wig.


The wig as it originally was.

But after taking some scissors to it, it looked much more appropriate. Included in the next shot are the elf tip ears that I got on ebay for only a few dollars. This was taken before I had the spirit gum to actually attach them, so that’s why they look a little obvious.


This wig makes much more Hobbit-Sense.

The good thing was, with the spirit gum and some leftover hair from the wig, I was able to make Hobbit feet!


You know you’re jealous of my Batman pants.

With that, the costume was completed. I wore it to my Tolkien fan club’s 2012 Halloween party, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that evening. Next time, maybe.


Ring on Chain – (already owned) – $0.00

Brown Jacket – Salvation Army – $19.99

Leaf Pin – Ebay – $7.44

Green Cape -(already owned) – $0.00

Sting Sword – Ebay – $19.70

Brown Capris – Salvation Army – $8.99

Brown Vest – Salvation Army – $6.00

White Shirt – Salvation Army – $5.00

Black Wig – Halloween City – $15.00

Ear Tips – Ebay – $7.17

FINAL COST: $89.29

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