Corpse Bride (Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE)

Emily was a young woman who wanted to elope with the man she loved. Unfortunately for her, he was a villain and he murdered her on their wedding night! Emily re awoke in a living death and swore that she would have her happiness regardless of the fact that she was now deceased: she would wait until the right man came along and proposed to her, loving her for who she was. That opportunity came along when Victor Van Dort, a nervous groom attempting to memorize his wedding vows, thought he was practicing his vows alone in the woods when really, he ended up saying them to the Corpse Bride instead! She claimed him as her husband, and this brought about the crucial question: can the living marry the dead?

Corpse Bride, a stop motion animation film by Tim Burton, is one of my favorite characters and was an early dream cosplay. But I must be honest… this costume was technically a cheat.

For Corpse Bride, I just went ahead and purchased a deluxe adult costume set. So it’s not really my normal cosplaying because I didn’t make it, but it is a costume.

The train of the dress: my favorite part! It’s exactly like the one in the movie!!!

The deluxe adult costume set includes a VERY detailed dress, blue and white wig, black flower boquet, and veil. To order all these seperately, or to try to make them seperately, would have been way more money than the actual price of the set. So that’s why I went with the choice that I did.

Most of the time these sets run about $200. I managed to get mine off of ebay for $112, but at a cost. It was a size medium, which is WAY too big for me. I am constantly attacking that costume with fabric glue, safety pins, and scissors to get it to fit me, and at long last it does.

The only extra thing that I purchased for this outfit was a set of white gloveletts, because those were not included in the costume. I had a pair of white high heels so that is what I wore with it.



Halloween 2012

At a costume dance in October 2010

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