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BOO! My Next Short Story Collection: A Calendar of Ghosts

Published April 26, 2015 by HomburgerNaeNae


If you’re looking at this and thinking: “But… it’s not the season for ghosts…” then this blog post is for YOU!

I’m super excited to announce my newest project and the next up in my short story collection line: a collection of ghost stories!

There are going to be twelve of them, and each one will correspond to a different month of the year. I don’t think it has to be Halloween in order to justify reading a good paranormal tale. The stories will be a mix of romantic, reflective, scary, and maybe even a fun one for the holidays. Although I do have the lineup pretty much finalized at this point, the stories are going to be under wraps for now, so if you want some ghost stories keep an eye on my social media pages! I will keep you updated (and maybe even post a few hauntingly taunting stories) as the project becomes closer to completion and I’ll be sure to let you know when you can expect it, whether you’re ready…