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Published October 22, 2014 by HomburgerNaeNae


I could -and really should- use this time to catch the blog up on my schooling down here in FL, new writing projects, latest cosplays, AKA everything that I keep saying I’ll be putting on a blog.

But you know what? No. No, today I feel like giving a nice little rant about the “controversy” surrounding one of the best events of my life.

I’ll start from the beginning. For those of you who don’t know/don’t care/I therefore feel sorry for, Batman the classic TV series is coming out on November eleventh of this year.

That’s twenty days from now.

*Breaks out into random victorious Batusi dance variations*

So for those of you who have no idea why this epic moment in television history matters, let me break this situation down for you: 2014 is my tenth year of being a Batmaniac (2004 was when I was bitten by the Bat-Bug, at the wonderful age of thirteen) and this TV series was what infected me with Bat-Love. Well, more specifically it was the movie that accompanies it, because the TV series was not available on any sort of home video format. My little thirteen year old self could not understand why, and she logged onto her parents’ amazon account back in 2004 and signed up to be notified by email when this series would be available for purchase (BTW I am pretty sure they didn’t send an email- thanks a lot, amazon).

Well, I would come to understand the reason for the delay as I got older and did more researching: Fox owned some rights, ABC owned other rights…. basically two corporations both wanted everything and they couldn’t meet in the middle about it like adults. So instead the fans have wept over harshly edited, non-restored reruns and wondered where our Bat-Justice was.

But finally, the day has come. Okay well, it hasn’t come quite yet, but in twenty days it will be here. We will have the entire series in an uncut, remastered state of glory along with over three hours of exclusive extras and books of never before seen set photos. God has smiled on us.  Gotham is saved. The messiah of 1960’s television is coming.

So why am I ranting? If you think it’s because I’m mad that the series took so long to get here, you are wrong. I’m just happy it’s here; wouldn’t you be happy too if you’d waited ten years? Or twenty years? Or even forty years? It’s true, some Bat-Fans have been waiting that long. But instead of rejoicing and saving their pennies up for the big day, what have they been doing?

They’ve been bitching.

If you go onto and look at the ratings and reviews (for a product that HASN’T EVEN COME OUT YET, by the way) most of them read something like this:


“You want me to pay over $100 for this? I’ll just watch it online.”

“I’ve been waiting for this release for thirty years, but I won’t be paying that amount. DISAPPOINTED.”

“Rip off!!!”

First of all, if you think it’s overpriced, WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE A BAD REVIEW AND RATE IT DOWN? The price is not the product, so stop giving it two stars, you so called “fans”! Second of all… really? Let me get this straight. You would go online and pay upwards of $50 for a vintage child sized utility belt replica, but you won’t pay a little over double that for the DVD set, the Holy Grail of all that is 1966 Batmania? THINK ABOUT YOUR PRIORITIES. This is why we’re all here! This is why all the merch exists! If you claim you have been anxiously waiting for thirty years and yet you won’t pay over $100 for a three season deluxe remastered set of a never before released classic TV series, then you need to question your nerd priorities.

Now for all the downers who are claiming that it’s not worth it because it’ll be “things we’ve all heard before”, let’s go through this step by step. Okay? Okay.

Take my hands. Listen very carefully to the words I am about to say.

I don’t give a half a shit.

You know what I did last week? I watched a ton of online interviews and comicon panel videos of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. You know what happened in every single one? The same things that had happened in all the previous videos. They were asked variations on the same questions, gave the same answers, and told the same stories. In all three of the comicon panel videos that I watched, Burt told the same exact story about how on their first day of shooting he had to do the dangerous drive in the Batmobile because his stuntman didn’t look enough like him and how he ripped his finger out of its socket because he had to hold on to the gear shift to keep from flying out of the car when the door opened during the turn. He also detailed how that was the first of four occasions during the first five days of shooting that he wound up in the emergency room.

I know that story too. I have read about it, and I’ve heard Burt tell it in videos before. I knew he would explain it again, in every single con panel he went to, and he’ll probably tell it on the BTS disks on the DVD set. But here’s the thing:

I DON’T CARE. It’s a classic story and I love hearing him tell it. If I went to a con and heard him speak, I would probably ask him about it just so that I could hear him tell it live.

If you are seriously going to bitch about hearing the same stories more than once, then I don’t know what to say to you. You really expect to hear brand new information about the series on this set? The show has been around for forty years, and many of those years the cast has been visiting cons and telling their stories. If you are bored with them, then don’t claim that you have been “anxiously waiting” for “your whole life” and that this box set “disappoints you” because of the price and the contents. And DON’T leave it bad reviews and one or two star ratings! You’re entitled to your opinion, and if your opinion is that it’s too much to spend for the stories you’ve heard before and the series you already know well, then keep it to yourself. Or go rant about it on your own blogs. But don’t rate down the product and discourage other potential buyers, at least not before the actual product has been released. That’s just stupid.

I, for one, have been saving up my amazon points and when the glorious November eleventh finally comes, I will be dancing my victory dance the entire day and ordering my copy. High definition Adam and Burt? Yes please. =3 (You didn’t hear that from me).

For all the rest of you, who feel it is your job to try to dampen the excitement of the true fans and stick your noses up at finally receiving what we have been waiting forty years for:


batman robin pic

Thank you.