Project Updates

Published February 28, 2014 by HomburgerNaeNae

Hmm. Mental note: never again take on so many classes to the point where I forget about running my blog.

It’s been a while! A lot has happened since I last blabbered to you about something random and pointless, and it’ll probably be a while yet until that happens again. Today I am going to update you on my projects, which although somewhat random, is not entirely pointless.

The biggest update I have is that my self published collection of short stories, THINK AGAIN: A CAPTIVATING COMPENDIUM is now available for purchase! You can get a copy through and There’s a link to it in my updated “about” section of this blog, in case you don’t feel like searching for it.

Also, the film that I cowrote, IMAGINATION THIEF, is coming onto DVD in just a few weeks! I am really excited for everyone to see it and share what they think of it. Preorders are still available for a limited time (after that the price will go up a bit) so you should go check it out now! And yes, there’s a link for that in the about section too.

I’ve also begun a volunteer position as a part time contributing writer/future editor at Fire of the Spirit blog ( so you should poke around there as well. There are some really great writers and opinions going up on that site.

So, to sum up: BOOK (read it!) DVD (watch it!) BLOG (check it!).

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