Celebrity Scribbles

Published May 26, 2013 by HomburgerNaeNae

I will just come out and say it: I absolutely love autographs. I know that many people don’t care much for someone’s scribbling on a piece of paper, but I certainly do. It’s a weird fascination with having something that they actually held and signed, not to mention the ability to see exactly how they sign their names. I think you can tell a lot about people from their signatures. Maybe more about that in a different post.

After this past comicon (which was even more of a blast than usual!) I remembered how much I love autographs and I decided that I would search through my room and discover exactly how many I’ve accumulated throughout the years. Turns out I have more than I thought I did, enough to make a random blog post about them. So here’s my scribble collection, in the order of when I accumulated them (oldest to most recently acquired).


1) Tommy Canning

While at a Religious convention I happened to stumble upon a vendor who was selling some art prints, one of which was my favorite picture of Christ. I got to talking to the vendor and it turned out he wasn’t just the vendor… he was the artist. Talk about a coincidence. It was sad because he told me that the reason I’d seen that particular image of Jesus so many places was because it had been stolen and was being sold and reproduced without his permission. Stealing an image of Jesus… classy, people. I ended up not purchasing that particular image because I saw this one and fell in love with it. He offered to autograph it for me, making it the first autograph I ever acquired.

Tommy’s website:   http://art-of-divinemercy.co.uk/


2) Lindsay Younce

St. Therese has always been a favorite person of mine (hence the Therese in my name) and so when a movie about her life was being released I was very excited for it. I went to see it with a group of kids at a Religious convention (different from the above mentioned one) and when we got back, Lindsay, the actress who plays Therese, was actually there. She signed autographs for all of us, which was very sweet of her to do considering that it was basically  a Catholic mob of overly excited teens.

Lindsay’s blog: http://lindsayyounce.com/


3) Leonardo DeFilippis

Leonardo DeFilippis wrote, directed, and acted in the previously mentioned movie, “Therese”. He is a fantastic actor, known for his one man shows about Saints (which he also writes and produces). I can’t even imagine being an actor onstage by myself, responsible for keeping the audience engaged for a long period of time. Sounds like torture to me. But this guy can do it to perfection; it’s crazy. I got to meet him when he came to see one of the dress rehearsals for a musical I was helping out with, and again when I saw his one man play Maximilian: Saint of Auschwitz. The program on the left side was autographed at that show; the picture was from the visit. I got them both at around the same time.

The website for his company, St. Luke Productions: http://www.stlukeproductions.com/


4) Avril Lavigne

Avril has been a favorite singer of mine ever since the first time I heard her music. This autograph was the first one I ever purchased. I got it for a pretty cheap price on ebay because it has a small stain in the corner of the page and because it didn’t come with a CoA. The seller mentioned that they’d gotten it at one of Avril’s Abbey Dawn release parties. It looks like her signature, and holding it at an angle easily shows that the signature is sharpie and not printed on. Good enough for me!

Avril’s latest single: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXd2WxoOP5g

(kiddies be warned… strong language)


5) Taylor Swift

Oh right, like I could have Avril’s autograph and not get Taylor’s.  I have been a big fan of Taylor since her first single; I was one of those people who went online and made a different profile for each music award show just so that I could vote for her to win. I kinda think of Taylor and Avril as my music yin yang: both my favorites, both different. Anyways. I ordered this on ebay several years ago, before Taylor was quite the sensation that she is now, so I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. It came with a CoA.

I’m sure everyone already knows who Taylor is (or else lives in a hole somewhere) but just in case, here’s one of her latest -and bestest!- music videos:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNoKguSdy4Y


6) Frank Beddor

Frank Beddor’s novel series, The Looking Glass Wars, has played a huge part in my life. I was one of those people who got up super early to watch a five minute interview with Frank on the morning news, and I contributed a fanfic to a collection of fan work that was sent to him. The Looking Glass Wars helped me through some bad times and introduced me to people who, for better or worse reasons, shaped me into who I am today. Even if it hadn’t played that part for me, it’s also a BA story. I was counting down the days to the release of his last book, Archenemy, but when I went to the bookstore on the release date, they told me that not only did they not have it, but the release date was not for another month. Screw that, nerdy fans don’t get release dates wrong. So I went home and ordered it from his online store, along with the second book in his accompanying graphic novel series. Awesome thing is, he autographs everything that you order from his web store, so I got not only two books, but two autographs! Nice score.

Frank’s website: http://frankbeddor.com/


7) Tim Sale

ONE OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS TO EVER LIVE! And yes, I mean that. Tim Sale is a giant in the graphic novel world, having illustrated many revolutionary books including Dark Victory, which just might be my favorite graphic novel ever made. When I heard that he was coming to the 2011 Motor City Comicon, you’d better believe that I was over the moon. Amazingly he had an incredibly small line, and I was able to have him sign my copy of Dark Victory. I promise you I was the happiest nerd in that convention hall.

Tim’s website (though I think it’s down for updates at the moment of this posting) :  http://www.timsale1.com/


8) Jim Beard

Me: Hmmmm, this book about the 1966 Batman TV series looks awesome! 14 essays by big names in the comic industry on why the series matters, all collected into one epic book? What genius came up with such a concept and put it into motion? Oh, this guy RIGHT HERE at the table in front of me for the 2012 Comicon?

I love coincidences. Such as when the author of a book you just so happen to have been wanting for a few years is at your comicon. And when he is able to sign your copy of his book and then give you directions to the table of Yvonne Craig, whom you’ve been looking for for hours, so that you can get your NEXT autographed Batman book, well then, that’s magic.

 The facebook page for “Gotham City 14 Miles” : https://www.facebook.com/gothamcity14miles


9) Yvonne Craig

As in BATGIRL from the 1966 Batman TV series! Her portrayal as Batman’s female coworker was one of the things that made the character popular and sealed the deal for Barbara Gordon’s inclusion in mainstream comics. I had been wandering around the comicon for most of the day looking for her, before author Jim Beard told me where her table was. I had been determined to ask her specific questions about her experience on the set, what she thinks of where Barbara is now in her comic career, etc., but I got so starstruck that I just ended up stammering a lot. She is an absolute doll and if I could hang out with and get to know anyone in the world, I’m pretty sure she would be on my list. I purchased a copy of her autobiography and she personalized it for me. That was definitely my prized possession of the year.

Yvonne’s website: http://www.yvonnecraig.com/


10) Marie Masters

I was unsure whether or not to include this one at first as I know Ms. Masters personally. But eventually I decided that hey, she’s a published author, this is her book, who cares about the circumstances! I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Masters as my English teacher in college for three semesters. She taught me a lot and helped me shape my individual style. When she released her autobiography, she was sweet enough to give me a copy at my request and sign it for me. It’s a fantastic piece of literature and I treasure it.

Ms. Master’s info: http://www.colorfulauthor.com/


11) Elijah Wood

The beautiful Mr. Wood. Frodo Baggins. Oh my gosh. There is so much that I could say about him. He is my favorite actor, the guy who made me like guys in the first place, and his performance as Frodo was a huge inspiration in my decision to become a writer. As if I’d ever get a chance to meet him… I don’t have that type of luck. So this was an ebay jewel. Praise you, ebay! Came with a CoA.

Elijah’s IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000704/


12) Charlton Heston

Think Ben Hur. Think Prince Moses. Think the guy who made every little Catholic girl swoon for years and years (and still does). When I was shopping with one of my besties in an antique shop we came upon a book section that was all 25% off. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I found Charlton Heston’s autobiography in a beautiful hardcover copy. I KNEW I’d hit the jackpot when I saw the little sticker added on the side that said “signed”. Seriously? The lord of the chariot race himself? He SIGNED THIS BOOK??

It would seem so. A note from the previous owner said that he signed it while on his book tour. The slight indentation on the signature confirms that it was not printed on. Autographs like this are a special find, especially considering that the illustrious Mr. Heston passed on several years ago.

The IMDB page for this legend: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000032/?ref_=sr_1


13) Josh, Jordan, and Kelli from Blimey Cow

If you caught my recent post about my favorite youtubers, you might remember Blimey Cow. They’re a homeschool Christian group based in Tennessee who make videos mocking the uptight and moronic aspects of modern culture. AKA, they make epicly hilarious videos. They recently launched a kickstarter campaign to raise $2,000 to buy equipment that they would use to make a podcast. They were fully funded in under a day and ended up raising a grand total of somewhere close to $10,000 (or maybe more, I don’t remember. But it was a huge increase from their original goal). I was planning on donating for a long time, and in return I got some awesome stuff including an autographed photo and an autographed postcard. The postcard is more personalized (Kelli signed her name Kelli Renae, since we have a common name, and Jordon tried to explain that the smiling face he drew wasn’t meant to look evil). This group has made me laugh so many times when I was absolutely down that it was mind blowingly awesome to get their autographs. This picture is DEFINTIELY gonna be going in a frame and on my wall of fame.

The video that first made me love them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJHt-m3VX6o


14) Katie Cook and Andy Price

MLP rocks. Forever. Combine the awesomeness of magical kickass ponies with comic books, and you have a rainbow of amazingness. I knew that Katie Cook would be at this year’s 2013 comicon, so I brought this comic for an autograph. I chose this issue because it has a light cover, so it would show the autograph better. Katie’s is on the bottom. It’s ironic because she wrote this story, but the artwork she was selling there was super cool, too. I wanted some of it but I didn’t have quite enough money. She is one of those rare real deal people who can both write epicness AND draw epicness.

Right at the next table there was a gentleman sitting there and sketching… behold, it was Andy Price, aka the illustrator of the comics! I had not expected him to be there so that was definitely awesome. I went right from Katie’s line to Andy’s and got a double autographed issue! Andy’s autograph is at the top.

Katie’s stuffs: http://katiecandraw.typepad.com/

Andy’s stuffs: http://andypriceart.deviantart.com/


15) George Perez

This guy is another comic book legend, the man who remade the Teen Titans, and created several amazing DC characters including one of my favorites in the DC universe: Raven! I even cosplayed as her last year at comicon. So to be able to meet her creator? NO WAY I’M MISSING THAT.

About an hour and a half before the con was scheduled to end I wanted to go get in line to meet him. Thankfully he has a really smart way of handling lines: his assistants give you a ticket and that way you don’t have to stand there, you can just come and check in to see where you are at in line. If they pass up your number, you just get bumped right up to the head of the line. Genius, right?

Well a half an hour before the con was scheduled to end, my friends were standing in line to meet the actor who played Wesley in the Princess Bride. The Princess Bride means a lot to them but not so much to me, and it’s the same situation reversed for Teen Titans. So we split up and I went back to George’s line to discover that I was only like three people from the table. SCORE. Needless to say I waited patiently and he signed my copy of Terror of Trigon. He is such an energetic and nice guy; it was awesome to actually meet him. I just wish that I had been wearing my Raven outfit. When I got back to the other line, my friends had just gotten up to the table and were taking a picture. It was perfect timing. We caught back up with each other and discovered that it was 5:59 pm. The con closed at 6. Now that is epic timing.

So does anyone else collect scribbles? If so, what ones do you have? Did you get any of them in person? And if so, how’d that come about?

(PS does any other writer/illustrator/creative person out there ever dream about being able to just autograph a bunch of stuff? …Or is that just me? Please may I not be the only one.)

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