Top 5 YouTubers

Published April 24, 2013 by HomburgerNaeNae

We all love Youtube. Just admit it. It makes our favorite shows easier to watch, connects us to otherwise unknown talent around the globe, and is free to use. There are so many great Youtube hosts out there who have their own original shows that it can make your head spin. Everyone has their own favorites, I’m sure, and it’s hard to narrow them down to just a top five. But nonetheless, here’s mine.


NUMBER 5: KevJumba

Kevin is one of the few people on the internet who not only routinely makes funny videos, but also includes his dad in them and manages to make THAT funny, too. A win/win situation… a kid who is smart enough to see the everyday things around him and make those into funny youtube situations, and a dad who is cool enough to roll with it.

Click to see KevJumba’s video “Drugs”


NUMBER 4: Julian Smith

Maybe I’m biased to Julian Smith because he, like myself, was homeschooled. But either way, his skits are hilarious. I love the way that he has slight “dark” twists (such as his uses of violence, death, and putting cats into ovens) but still manages to make it into a funny mini film. He’s also a fantastic actor, being able to take on many different personalities convincingly (one of my favorites being the random Mr. Timn. Look him up. Because I said so).

Click to see Julian Smith’s video “Granny Games” (filmed with his 95 year old grandmother) 


NUMBER 3: Jenna Marbles

What can be said about Jenna Marbles that you probably don’t already know? She’s funny, she’s crass, she’s smart, and she manages to be all three of those things in one without being annoying. Kiddies ye be warned… her videos include language bombs/adult situations galore. The following video is no exception. (This was the video that made me get hooked on her channel.)

Click to see Jenna Marbles’ video “What bitches wear to the airport”


NUMBER 2: Blimey Cow

Blimey Cow is a youtube group that definitely deserves more attention than they get. I love that they are Christian based but aren’t afraid to poke fun at the clichés and ironies in Christian life, too. Their commentaries on life in general and their skits and original characters never cease to make me laugh.

Click to see Blimey Cow’s video “15 ways movies think you are stupid”


NUMBER 1: Nigahiga

Well, he’s just about the top subscribed-to youtuber on the internet, and there’s a reason for that. Ryan Higa is just plain awesome. Each one of his videos is sarcastically witty and is always worth the anticipation. If you don’t watch Nigahiga, you should. Now would be a good time to start.

Click to see Nigahiga’s video “The Worst Boyfriend Ever”


Any other awesome youtubers I should be aware of? Let me know! =D

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