I live!

Published November 26, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

Wow, I had forgotten that this blog existed. Shameful, I know! DX If anyone out there still actually follows me, HI! How are you? What’s been up in the past…. five months or so since I’ve been on?

Here’s my updates… just in case you were wondering.

1) I got a job. It’s not an amazing one, but it’s something. I’m now a Cashier at Staples.

2) I believe it was the last post before my big hiatus that I said I like MLP:FiM but I don’t watch the show. Well, that’s now outdated, and I have seen every single episode of My Little Pony at least once or twice. Some of them even more, like…. five times. Pinkie Pie has allowed for Rainbow Dash to come up the ranks and join her as my favorite pony. I can’t choose between the two of them. They’re amazing.

3) I’ve written and illustrated my first ever children’s book! I’m currently attempting to get a publisher interested in it. More information on that as it comes. =)

4) On that note, I also have two new novels in the planning stages. Yay for writing!

5) I am also working on another cosplay, and that is none other than the radical Mz. RAINBOW DASH for 2013 comicon! Pic of that will be going up as soon as I can get them taken. This is one of the fastest cosplays I’ve ever been able to pull together. It was just meant to be, I guess. =3

Anyways. Enough about me. What has the rest of the internet been up to while I was gone? =D

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