Another Succesful Comicon!

Published May 19, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

Woohoo! I am back from Comicon!!

It’s a little depressing to be sitting here typing this, knowing that back in Novi the show and the awesomeness is still continuing. Nonetheless, I had an awesome time yesterday. It was so worth the two hour drive (by myself with the GPS, which is quite a feat since I have an incredible skill at getting myself completely lost) and the 10 mph traffic delay on the freeway on the way home.

That’s what I look like when I’m not cosplaying. I wish that sign could have been DC themed! It was sparkly, though. And sparkly things are always good.

Except for Edward Cullen. But, moving on…

My friend Lex and I got into the con between 1 and 1:30. It was relatively empty at first, but as we continued through the day (until 5 pm, when we left) it became more and more crowded. It warms my heart to see so many nerds together in one place, all getting along. :’)

I wore my costume for about 2 hours, since it became difficult to manage when the crowd started becoming thicker.

Me, as Raven from Teen Titans, with a zombie Captain America.

For more information on what I’m wearing, including background on the character and how I made the costume, please visit the “Raven” tab under the Cosplaying section in the menu at the top of the blog.

There weren’t as many cosplayers this year as last year, but I got a picture with the only one that matters:

It’s…. HIM!

That wide, nerdy smile on my face is not forced. At ALL.

I don’t care if the guy inside the actual costume was not as thin and trim as an actual Batman would be. He had the costume. I got to hug him.


After that, I didn’t care if I took pictures with anyone else at all. I got to know what it would feel like to touch Batman’s armor and stand next to him.

That works for me. =D

I only met one celebrity while I was there, but I was okay with that because she was the only one I REALLY wanted to meet: Yvonne Craig, aka Batgirl from the 1960’s TV series!!!

The woman sitting down, with the dark hair, is BATGIRL!!! (Don’t remember Batgirl from the series? Click the pic for a link to a youtube video.)

At first we couldn’t find her. I was looking everywhere and I did not see her sign. Then we stopped by a booth where I purchased a copy of a book I’ve been wanting for quite awhile: “Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on why the 1960’s Batman TV Series Matters”. The author signed it for me and then asked if I knew Yvonne was here. I said yes, but I couldn’t find her. So he very kindly gave me directions to her booth.

Anyone who knows me will know how excited I was. For anyone who doesn’t know me: the sixties series is what got me started in the world of Batman, graphic novels, and nerdiness in general. It has had a huge affect on my life. I love everything Batman, and I study everything Batman, but the late silver age (late sixties) has always been my favorite. Yvonne Craig is someone who was actively involved in that age!

Batgirl came in in the last season of the classic series, and I don’t think she was written as well as she could have been. She also had the WORST theme song ever; it souned like cats yowling. But I still love the work Yvonne did with the character. So to meet her was crazy awesome for me. When we went up to the table and I shook her hand, it was so crazy because even though she was older, looking into her eyes I knew I was shaking hands with Batgirl. She had the same presence in person that she did in each episode of Batman that she filmed.

A sure sign that I was star struck was that I started stammering. I don’t usually stammer unless I’m really nervous; I’m usually pretty good with words. I wasn’t nervous to meet her, I was just so floored to be able to stand there and speak to Batgirl. I got to tell her that the series is what got me into Batman, and now I’m obsessed with Batman because of it. I’m sure she’s heard that a million times, but now she’s heard it from me and that makes me happy. She told me she liked my Batman wallet and the rings I was wearing because she’s “a ring person”.

I will never get rid of that ring, ever. I also bought a copy of her book and she signed it for me. I can’t wait to read it! =D

All in all, a succesful and happy comicon. I am already planning for next year.

It can’t come soon enough. ^_^

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