Published April 16, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

In case you are woefully behind in the world of important things, Pottermore is now officially open to the public. It has been for about two days now.

If you haven’t gone on there yet, then what the heck are you waiting for? Go make an account!

After you finish reading this post, of course.

I got on the site yesterday, and it’s been a blast thus far. Of course, I still suck at making potions and casting spells, but that will come with practice. It’s interesting to see the interactive versions of the books (I’m not going to tell you exactly how it “interacts” with you… you have to find that out for yourself!) but in my experience the most awesome parts are getting your wand and being sorted into one of the four houses.

That’s my wand. Beautiful, isn’t it? Mehehehe.

Of course, having a wand isn’t enough to make you a Hogwarts student. You need to face the Sorting Hat for that! I was sooooo nervous for that part on Pottermore. I really wanted to be put into Hufflepuff, though I would take being sorted into any house just to be a part of the experience. However, I needn’t have feared. I always knew I would fit into this house:


Needless to say, my day was made! =D I have a wand and I can OFFICIALLY say I am a Hufflepuff.

And even though my wand might just be a virtual one, I’ll someday go to Wizarding World and that fact will be fixed! Does anyone know if they carry Dogwood style wands at Ollivanders in WW?

Anyways. Getting off track! Who else is on the site already? What house are you in? 

And if you haven’t joined Pottermore yet, you should. =)


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