Under the Knife

Published April 9, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

So, I have some big news.

I have made the decision to get plastic surgery for the first time in my life.

I know this is a big step, and to be honest it’s a little scary. But I swear, I just cannot live with my features anymore. Something needs to change. So I am going to start looking into cosmetic surgery as soon as I can. I mean, this guy did it, after all:

If he can show such devotion to looking as he wants to, then so can I.


April fools! It is my blog, not I, that has undergone the change! And if you just looked at the calendar thinking, “April Fool’s? It’s not April first. It’s April ninth!” Then…. April Fools again! Yes, today is not the first. It is indeed the ninth. But, back to the blog.

If you’ll notice, the “pages” area that was previously to the right side of the page is now on the left top side, above the blog title. Click on each section for the actual page of that title, or hover over it to see a pull down menu with different links under that parent page. For example, information about The Dark Knight Rises can now be found underneath the “Batmanism!” page. And if you want to read more of Spun Away, you can find it under the “Projects” tab.

Now I can also give each of my book reviews a separate page so that you can just click on the review you want to see and go right to it without having to fear the infinite scroll.

Normally I don’t like menus at the top of a page. They just bother me because that’s where the header should be, to my mind. But the ability to have a drop down menu is more important than my weird little OCD tendancies. I can deal with this one because it’s on the left side of the page, in reading order. If it were not on that side I probably would have freaked out much more.

But! It shall be easier for my readers. So, there you go. You come before my OCDness. Be proud. And enjoy the new features that I have inflicted upon my blog.

PS: The real life Man of Colored Undies up there is NOT an April Fool’s gag, btw. This guy really went from that before picture to that after picture. I guess we need to admire his…. devotion? Click the picture for a link to an article on his story, if you want to read more about him or simply still don’t take my word for it. *Gasp*!

But all of you take my word for things, right?



^I love this guy. He fails. XD

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