Packages in the Mail!

Published March 31, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

I love getting presents! Even if I have to pay for them myself. But whether it’s something being sent to me free of charge or a purchase being shipped to me, I love getting things and particularly getting things in the mail. Sometimes I think that half of the reason I order stuff on ebay is not really the cheaper price, it’s the ability to get the thing in the mail. It’s like presents all year long!

Today I was out visiting my Grandpa with my mom and little brother and sister. On that note, we gave my Grandpa a birthday card and reminded him that it was his birthday this week. He looked at me, straight faced and serious, and said, “One hundred thousand.” I asked him what was one hundred thousand. He said, “That’s my age. One hundred thousand years old.”

He really believed it too, so I couldn’t find it in my heart to burst his bubble. So I just smiled and nodded and said, “Ohhh, I see!”


I returned home from that to find out that I had recieved two purchases in the mail while I was out. One was a large box and one was a little envelope. My dad and brothers were suspicious about the envelope, of all things, because it had been shipped in from Hong Kong. My brother announced that it was probably illegal steroids that I was ordering in from out of the country.

Right. Because I’m so desperate to win at Wii Dance that I would go down the Bane route….

I opened it and showed him that it was, in fact, a package of small red cell phone bling stickers. I got them on ebay (and yes, from out of country) because that was the cheapest set available.

I’m going to use them to make a small diamond design on my forehead to complete my Raven cosplay! It’ll be her red chakra thingie. (See past posts for more info about my cosplays!) For now, I have made a very sloppy diamond design on my hand with them, to make sure that they will stay and all.

Miniature bling!

The other reason I felt the urge to test them was because of the very interesting warning on the back of the package about how it will irritate skin. But read the whole thing:

Yes, it tells what will happen if the jewels are “assaulted by brute force.” So interesting.

Well, that’s what was in the envelope. Inside the large box, there was only one thing: a big thick book, wrapped in bubble wrap and left all alone inside the container. Why didn’t they just use a smaller box? One of the many unsolved mysteries of the universe.

But THIS was the book that was in there:

Awesome hardcover copy of all three LOTR books in one! As Tolkien intended it. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a long time, but they’re always very expensive. So I found this one on ebay, basically brand new, and with a cover that I had never seen in stores. Including shipping, it ran me $13. That is score that cannot even be MEASURED.

And look at this big beautiful clear font inside on the PERFECT white pages! ^_^

It’s a book fanatic’s best dream come true, I tell you.

This is definitely not the first copy of LOTR that I’ve owned. I originally read my dad’s three paperback books, but after myself, him, and my older sister all went through them, those particular copies basically died. I think the covers fell off or something. And we were careful with the books, it’s just that they got read so much.

So then a few years later, I found another copy of the three paperback books, these ones themed after the movies. I got the set for $10. But because of the type of reader I am…. this seems to have happened:

Yeah. Markers and highlighting in pink ink. They’re all just passages I want to remember… things I found interesting; descriptions of favorite characters; awesome scenes. I don’t usually do this with books; usually I treat them like sacred relics. But there’s too much to remember with Lord of the Rings, and my brain is not that powerful to simply know where it all is.

So now, I can have my marked up version for researching back on stuff, but I also have my new big beautiful version just for casual reading!

And all because I love getting presents. ^_^ Sometimes growing up is overrated.

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