Published March 30, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

I have a serious problem.

I’ve always kind of known that I had this addiction, lurking in the back of my mind, but lately it seems to have spiraled a bit out of control. Now every time I go shopping, I have an overwhelming desire to go to the proper aisle and grab more, to bring them home and add them to my growing collection.

It’s an interesting thing, it is, being addicted to notebooks.

Maybe it’s because my first primitive books were all hand written in school notebooks that I am still in love with this medium. Maybe it’s the awesomely perfect smell of fresh, unused paper. Maybe it’s the way that there are boundless opportunities of creativity beckoning from the pristine pages. But at any rate, I can’t seem to shake the desire to always get more and more notebooks.

In my little nightstand dresser, I used to have a lot of different things. Now almost everything has been cleared out to make room for the notebooks. This isn’t even counting my three art books and the pens and colored pencils and stuff that is used to actually fill the books. Just notebooks alone, I have ten of them next to my bed at all times.

Can I just condense them? NO, not on your life. Each one has a unique purpose and must be kept for that purpose ONLY. At least, to my mind.


The one at the top left, the green one, is one of my favorites. It’s made with thick leaf pages, all natural. It makes me feel like I’m writing the Lord of the Rings. Chyaaa! In actuality, it’s what I use to record all dreams that I feel could possibly be used to make a story of some sort.

Next one over is a hardbound leather book with an awesome metal medallion design at the front. My sister gave it to me for Christmas, and I spent a long time just marveling at its beauty. Now I use it to record personal thoughts and revelations abut myself, my writing, my life… you get the point. It’s probably the closest thing to a diary that I have, only without the “today I did this…” sort of stuff. I’d like to think that it’s deeper thoughts and reflections about myself.

CATWOMAN! She’s on my next notebook. =D I use this one to write down poems, once they’re in at least a semi-finished draft.

Going to the next row on the far left, there is a small blue binder book. This is really just my scrap paper book where I can write down anything at all. It’s got bits of stories, rough drafts of poetry, and other random things in it.

“My Adventure Book” is not really a notebook at all, but it’s in there so I had to include it. Inside it I keep pictures or other small keepsake thingies that I don’t want to lose.

Inside the green and gold notebook, I have my current bucket list written down so that I can keep track of it. It’s not only a list though, since I also write down what it felt like when I accomplished a particular event and I also include pictures. So it’s more like a bucket… journal, I guess.

The reddish pinkish book is my most recent addition to the collection. On the front it says, “She makes the day brighter, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” I thought it sounded pretty. ^_^ Inside this one I have written down all the different characters I want to cosplay as, and all the different components I have purchased towards my costumes as well as where I got them and how much they cost. It’s basically financial book keeping for nerds.

In between the second and third row I have my little leather bound notebook with gold edged pages. I love gold edged pages, they’re so awesome. Anyways, in this one I keep any passwords, game cheats, and words or phrases that I want to remember.

Bottom two are everyday school notebooks. First one has Robin on it, and if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll probably recognize the design. I have the same notebook, only smaller, in my purse. But as for this larger one, I use it to write down all my Batman related thoughts.

The last one is an Alice in Wonderland themed notebook, from the Tim Burton movie. It features Alice in her blue party dress with several of the talking roses, and at the bottom it says “Curioser and Curioser.” It’s probably one of the prettiest school notebooks I have ever seen. I use it to write down all the background notes and history of one of my books, Wilohem the Second, which I’ve been working on since I was about 14. I figured that I should really write everything down so that I wouldn’t lose it amongst all the other crap in my mind; hence, this notebook!

Does anyone else have a ton of notebooks, or am I the only one who can’t seem to live without double digits of books in my nightstand alone? If you do have notebooks, what do you keep in them? Are they all for different things, or is it a bunch of things combined into one? If it is the latter, I look upon you with amazement for being able to live with only one. Because to an addict like me, that’s incredible.

2 comments on “Addicted

  • Im not alone!! Ha ha! I used to collect so many notebooks, except I got a little weird about it and would only write in the first 20 pages or so, then I’d get a new one and write in that one, then I’d get a new one…. You get the idea =) I’m impressed that you use all yours for various reasons, how do you remember all of that? Have you tried “wreck this journal”? It’s pretty amazing….

    • I remember them all because…. I just can’t forget them. LOL! I need to have all my ideas seperate or I’ll be spazzing. And no, I haven’t heard of “Wreck this Journal”. At least not up until this point! Haha

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