Spun Away

Published March 21, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

I’m happy to tell you that my latest book, Spun Away, is going to be available for reading on GoodReads!

I’m going to start adding a chapter every week or so. Or sometimes a half a chapter, if it’s one of the longer ones.

Please read it and give me your thoughts, comments, and suggestions! The prologue is up there already.

To go to goodreads, you can click the banner on the side of my blog or the one in my Contact Me! page.

Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Shawn is a succesful member of the Nymph organization, which uses everyday objects to perform extraordinary feats. He was soon to be married to the woman he adored… until she was suddenly killed. Everyone is writing her death off as an unfortunate accident, one of many, but is that really the case?


One comment on “Spun Away

  • On second thought, I’m also going to post the book here on my blog. Why not? I will make a new page for it and update with a post every time I add a chapter. So be sure to subscribe! Remember: Batman wants you to click that subscription button. How can you say no?

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