Hufflepuff Pride

Published March 18, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

I love Hufflepuff. As in, the Hogwarts House in Harry Potter. Hufflepuffs are the best and I have decided that I am one. I know that sometimes it’s funny to poke fun at Hufflepuffs, such as in this video, which even I enjoy ( but almost everything else is always about how Hufflepuffs are dumb and uncool and untalented, and after awhile it gets annoying.


So now I am going to do an angry rant at people who dislike Hufflepuff. Because, people who dislike Hufflepuff, I dislike YOU.

Yes. Feel my fearsome wrath.

First of all, the hatred seems to all be based on two verses from one of the Sorting Hat’s songs:  “Said Hufflepuff, ‘I’ll teach the lot And treat them just the same’ ” and “Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest and taught them all she knew…”

So since it says “the lot” and “the rest”, everyone says that this means that people who weren’t good enough to get into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or Slytherin were simply welcomed into Hufflepuff out of sheer kindness. Therefore, the quality of Hufflepuff wizards and witches aren’t as good. Makes sense, right?


Just because Helga wants to treat everyone equally doesn’t mean she’s accepting low quality. It means she’s kind and willing to work to each individual’s strong points. So Hufflepuff house will probably produce better witches and wizards than anyone else because they’ll be unique and individually talented, not armies of brave, smart, and ambitious clones. Our house is the one with the most personality.

Backing up my claim is the other line about Hufflepuff house from a different Sorting Hat song:

See why Hufflepuff house has the most personality? We are all willing to interact and work eith each other, with PEOPLE in general. Justice and loyalty are things that promote friendship, not to mention truth and the patient willingness to work at a problem.

We aren’t untalented. We’re just focused on the skills that build strong alliances. And when your bravery fails you, and your smartness runs out, and your ambition amounts to nothing, who will be there for you? Your friends and their firm alliance, if you’ve made them. So Hufflepuff house is really focusing on what’s MOST important.


And even though the name, “Hufflepuff”, might sound fluffy and charming, if you look deeper there’s really quite a ferocity to our house.

That’s right. I said it. HUFFLEPUFF has FER-O-CI-TY.

Our mascot is a badger. Badgers are crazy wicked awesome. Don’t believe me? Watch the clip about the Crazy Ass Honey Badger. Click the photo for the link.

(Warning, language in the video. And nasty Slytherin blood. Now you’ve been warned.)

See, the badger is crazy wicked tough. As illustrated by above video. Which is narrated by Randal…. he’s a Ravenclaw. Yes. He is. Anyways, as you can see in the video, Gryffindor dogs and Ravenclaw birds still like to pick on Hufflepuff. But we don’t care and we’ll just move right on to smacking the sh*t out of Slytherin. MWAHAHA!

Other thing awesome about our representation? We have the colors of black and gold. You know who else is represented by black and gold?


You know who else is in Hufflepuff? Read it and weep, baby:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Pwned. To the billionth degree. We have Batman and Rowling. Your argument is invalid.

Not only have Hufflepuffs gone on to create awesome books and defend Gotham, they have also done tons of other madly epic things, too. Take Hengist of Woodcroft, for example. He was a Hufflepuff who went on to found a charming little village known as Hogsmeade. Have you ever gone to Wizarding World, or have you ever wanted to? Visiting the Three Broomsticks; Zonko’s; Honeydukes; and everything else in there? Well, newsflash: without Hufflepuff, there wouldn’t BE any of that because it’s all based on Hogsmeade.

Pwned again!!! I think there should be a law that no Hufflepuff haters should be allowed in Wizarding World. They can sit outside while I eat their chocolate frogs for them.

There is only one negative thing about Hufflepuff house ever: it was betrayed. Viciously, awfully, violently betrayed. One of our previous members was captured by the enemy and, in a disgusting act, tortured into an unrecognizably disturbing vision:

The horror. I doubt any Hufflepuff will live this down. It’s not enough that Cedric was  murdered, but his grave was spat upon in such a vile attack that even He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named wouldn’t stoop so low!

Stop the hatred, everyone. Hufflepuff deserves your respect and esteem. We will be the most loyal friends you could ever have. And we have already been dealt such a stinging wound with what has happened to our Tournament champion. No house should have to suffer that much hurt and hatred.

And remember…. we have BATMAN and ROWLING and HOGSMEADE! So think twice before you say that Hufflepuff is uncool. Search deep inside yourself and you will realize that the desire to say such things really stems from the sad knowlege that you will NEVER be as cool as we Hufflepuffs. 😛

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