The Purse Theory…. Attempt 2

Published March 15, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

So yesterday I spent about an hour and a half accepting the challenge of Jemely and Jeremy (second one in a month, mwahahaha! I am the challenge master!!!) by looking through EVERYTHING in my purse and seeing what parts of my personality is reflected in what I carry around with me. However, wordpress most graciously deleted it on me, something that has never happened before. So here is TAKE TWO! It is safe to say that if this one fails, I just might give up. Until tomorrow, anyways.

ANYHOW. This is my purse and its contents, all laid out for you:

let’s see what we can learn from this jumbled mess of pinkness and Batmanism.

1) My purse. It is a medium sized shoulder bag decorated with traveling motif (mostly of Paris) and a good deal of pink in it. I chose this bag because, obviously, I love traveling. Also because, it has a good deal of pink in it, and pink is my favorite color. Last but not least, it has a lot of pockets and I NEED that in a purse. I think I’m a touch OCD because I want everything exactly in its place. Hence, the pockets.

1.1) I have five buttons along one of the straps of this purse. Unfortunately, one of them got cut off in the picture. =( They are: Captain Jack Sparrow; Harley Quinn; Batman and Robin; “I’m a Batman Crimefighter”; and Batman “Needs Anger Management”. Because really, what’s a purse without Batmanism? FAIL, that’s what. And Jack is just there as an added bonus. ^_^

1.2) This keychain features the Eiffel tower, so it ties in with the whole “travel” theme of the purse. And guess what: it actually came from France! What a world traveler I am! …..Actually I lie, it was a gift from friends who actually ARE world travelers. Someday I’ll catch up to them though. Someday.

2) Plastic container for all “vanities”. Remember what I said about being OCD? Well, in my purse, I need to have everything separated into seperate plastic makeup containers so that everything will stay where I want it.

2.1) Little silken bag with oriental design on it. I got this a long time ago at a craft sale. It containes feminine products…. no further information on that subject asked for, none given. I’ve always loved this design from when I was little and read a book called “A Bargain for Frances”. In the book, a badger named Frances really wants to get a tea set made of blue willow china- the stuff with the little Chinese people in the boat and on the bridge and the trees and stuff. After I read that book, I wanted some blue willow china, too (and I have gotten some… two teacups of it that I found at an antique shop). But anyways, because of that book, I have always loved that design. Hence, when I found this bag with a similar look to it, it became MINE!

2.2) Hand sanitizer. NOTHING is worse than stickiness that refuses to come off your hands.

2.3) A little pill container featuring a bird on a branch in front of a pink background. I was drawn to it because it was pink; my friend told me it looked like it came out of Harry Potter. I didn’t see that connection, and I still don’t, but I got the case anyways. I think the fact that I want to carry pain meds with me goes to show that I have a low pain tolerance.

2.4) A miniature tube of perfume. I’ve never used it, but my mom gave it to me and it’s been in my purse ever since.

2.5) Sparkly lip gloss! I love sparkles and pinkness so this needs no further explanation. More on makeup in a bit.

2.6) Mountain Dew flavored chapstick. Because Mountain Dew is a gift from Heaven. It’s glorious. Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. My favorite beverage ever created ever ever EVER.

2.7) An Alice in Wonderland Red Queen compact mirror. I do care about how I look, so I like having a mirror with me. This particular mirror can testify to three other things: 1) I love disney movies and I’m a member of Disney Rewards, where I got this from. 2) I love Tim Burton movies. Plain and simple. 3) Helena Bonham Carter is AWESOME! I love all her characters. “Did you eat my tarts? / “…..I WAS SO HUNGRY!” / “Off with his head!”

2.8) Clear nailpolish. I love my nails, so I have this bottle here just in case. I carry this particular bottle because it was given to me by a once-close friend who moved away. So it’s kind of sentimental for me. Don’t judge.

3) Second clear bag. This one is used for my church stuff. I think the fact that I carry around holy-based items with me goes to show that I am fairly religious.

3.1) Gold chapel veil. After I accepted the fact that I am not meant to go to the Convent, I slowly stopped wearing chapel veils. It wasn’t a real decision on my part; it was just a subconcious thing that sort of happened. But I still carry this one with me because I am very nostalgic, so I always have a piece of that dream with me even though I know it’s not for me anymore.

3.2) Rose petal Rosary from Rome. A gift from my aunt/godmother (ANOTHER world traveler!) this actually came from Rome and is made of real crushed rose petals so it smells like dried roses. It reminds me of one of my favorite saints, St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as the Little Flower.

3.3) Small prayer book. Obtained from a silent retreat that I went on…. those were the hardest four days of my life. O_O

3.4) St. Philomena Oil. This oil is from a votive lamp that burns before a statue of St. Philomena in the shrine where her bones are entombed. Goes to show who my other favorite saint is!

4) Notebook. Honestly, what self respecting author/writer/storyteller would be caught dead without something to write on in times of sudden inspiration? This notebook has Robin on it, so it’s just one more way I can bring Batmanism with me wherever I go.

5) Red lip gloss. This isn’t even supposed to be in my purse, so that in itself goes to show that I’m forgetful. I like lip gloss verses lipstick because it can come off an on easily. When I put on makeup, I want it to work for me, not vice versa. If I decide halfway through the day that I don’t want to be wearing makeup anymore, then I should be able to just wipe it off right there. I don’t want to have to commit my face to a certain look that won’t come off until I scrub it viciously. I’ll probably have a post on this subject sometime in the future…

6) MP3 player. I love music; it helps me concentrate and keeps me inspired. This MP3 is actually my third, since the first one got old and broke and the second one was killed by my brother and his big fat fingers on the touch screen. =( So he had to buy me this one to make up for it. his name is Jerry (the MP3 player, not my brother). I always name my small electronics (phones and music players) names starting with J. This started when I got my first MP3, Jillian, and it has continued through Juliette, Jack, Jill, and Jerry.

7) A bookmark that remained in my purse from when I was reading Burton on Burton, and carrying the book around with me. It’s from the Philippeans and, yes, it was given to me. As a gift. From my world traveler friends.

8) Seashell earrings from Florida. I bought these for two friends, and I still have to give them to the girls. This shows pretty well that I LOVE shopping and I love souviners. I also love giving gifts to my friends. =)

9) Car keys! They go to Emily, my grey saturn vue, who was named for Emily the Corpse Bride. In case you’re wondering, that IS a pocket knife attached to the front… always be prepared. These keys have two keychains on them. One is a miniature Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story… one of my favorite characters while growing up. Again I state: I love Disney. The other one is from Germany and it was given to me by- you know what, you already know the answer to that question. =P

10) I have actually gotten a ton of compliments on this sparkly $12 Walmart Batman wallet. I love this flat type of wallet better than the traditional fold wallet, because I like all my cards in order where I can see them and I want my bills to be straight and perfect. Yes. OCDness.

11) Nightmare Before Christmas phone case. Not only is this another testament to Disney and to my love of Burton movies, this also is a telling sign of my clumsiness. I have a problem with dropping my phone all the time, so after I dropped it outside a starbucks and the battery popped out and almost fell down a drain, I decided that I needed to get a phone case to protect it. Hence, this little guy.

12) Jill, my phone! She is PINK, which is the real reason I picked her out. 😀 She opens up to a full qwerty keyboard on the inside, because I love to text and a full keyboard is so much more convenient. I really don’t like touchscreen, so her keyboard is all buttons. PS: My ringtone is the 1966 Batman theme song. CHYA!

13) Gum. Because it tastes good.

14) Pens, to write with of course! One is a sharpie pen and the other is pink ink…. my favorite kind.

15) Business cards with information on a book that I wrote. You never know who you might meet.

16) *Gasp!* What is this? There’s nothing there! Number 16 is actually my digital camera, Nightwing. Of course, I was using him to take the picture, so he couldn’t be in the group shot. But here’s a solo image:

There. That’s him. I usually carry him in my purse just in case I see something I want to remember. As a fun fact, he is named Nightwing after the character in DC comics, who had a dark blue on his uniform until the New 52 changed it to red. Because the camera is blue, I named him Nightwing. ^_^

Ta da! That’s all I’ve got in my bag! What have YOU got hidden with you at all times? Hmmmm?

3 comments on “The Purse Theory…. Attempt 2

  • I think you can also tell a lot about who we are by what we choose to put our contents on. For instance: you like pink and cats. (like Professor Umbridge) and we like simple and dark.

    Also: WHAT? They changed Nightwing’s uniform? This is so uncool. I liked his character design even though his character wasn’t my favorite. I did like his design. Now I can’t like him for much.

  • I love this idea! I always watch those videos on YouTube about “what’s in my purse/bag” but it’s always limited to makeup and fluffy things. Nice to see what’s in another writer ‘s bag 🙂

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