More Cosplay Rants!

Published March 9, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

I guess it’s not enough that I finished my Raven costume for this year, as I am itching to start work on a NEW costume.

I’m not sure exactly why I love making/wearing costumes so much. I always knew I loved the opportunity to wear them, but I guess it wasn’t until after I went to my first comicon (last year) that I became really fascinated with it.

At that comicon, I was dressed up as a female version of the classic Robin. It wasn’t an exact costume in any way, it was just something to pay homage. But people still recognized it. And the whole time, people were coming up to me addressing me as “Robin” and asking for pictures. My favorite moment was when I saw a little girl, who was dressed up as Wonder Woman and who reminded me a lot of my little sister, start clapping and jumping up and down because she recognized who I was supposed to be and she was so excited to see Robin and Supergirl, who my friend was dressed up as.

It was such an amazing experience to be recognized and loved not for myself or anything that I did, but because people saw me as a version of the character that they love. It seems that when cosplaying, one is able to really channel the character and bring them to life. The fans of that character respond with enthusiasm, because for that one moment, the character isn’t just something on a page or a screen. It’s a living, breathing, speaking human being brought into the real world.

After that experience of seeing that, of being someone else and bringing excitement to people, I don’t think I can ever have enough of cosplaying. Now I don’t only have the excitement of planning the costume and putting it together, but I also know that other people can enjoy SEEING the costume as much as I enjoy wearing it.

Since my Robin outfit, I’ve put together two other ones: a grown-up Rapunzel for Halloween 2011-

Me and my little sister as big/little Rapunzel from Tangled.

And then of course, my latest costume is Raven from Teen Titans. I posted a pic of that awhile back…. if you haven’t seen it, look it up here on my blog. =)

Problem is, I want to make MORE costumes. I have lists of costumes that I want to make really badly. The addiction is becoming more intense! O_O

I want to do many costumes from the world of Batman/comics besides just Raven and Robin. Top of my list are Harley Quinn-

 -and Catwoman. But not just ANY Catwoman…. THIS Catwoman:

Yeah. 1966 TV series Catwoman. A total classic. =D That is my DREAM cosplay.

Other names on the list include Batgirl, Mulan, and Mrs. Lovett. And as of today, I added a new one to the list:

You know what, Bellatrix Lestrange is just awesome. She has a really cool, wild look and I love it. So today I was thinking to myself, why DON’T I cosplay as her? Which led to the conclusion that someday, I will. It really wouldn’t be too hard to make a costume of hers from basic pieces… black dress, cut off the sleeves and reattach them loosely, black corset on the outside, black glovelettes, silver fabric paint to make the circular swirlies at the top, optional black cloak/cape. Then crimp the hair and put it up. Honestly the most expensive pieces would be her Raven skull necklace, a dark mark temporary tattoo, and a replica of her wand. That last one would probably be the cost of most of the other pieces put together. But still, this is a costume that is definitely do-able, one that I could put together myself rather than having to invest in an actual licensed piece like I did with Corpse Bride:

Speaking of that costume, I need to take some fabric glue to it and take it in, because it never did fit quite right. I had to get the medium verses the small in order to get a better price (by about $50-$100!) and it’s always been kind of big.


The good news is, if I can do two costumes every year, one for comicon and one for Halloween, I’ll be getting plenty of costume-ing in each year and I’ll be able to tackle plenty of characters. =)

The bad news is, those two dates have to be so darn far apart. =/

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