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Published March 4, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

Well, I have nowhere else to talk about this besides my blog, so why not.

I am thinking about the makeup I need to do for cosplaying Raven, and I have noooo idea where to start. In comics, the characters are oftentimes presented as not even wearing makeup, but for a cosplay, if you are not wearing a mask that won’t cut it. You kind of need the makeup to convey the character, too.

The most obvious thing about Raven’s facial looks is the jewel on her forehead. I’ve heard it called a “Bindi” (not sure if that is spelled correctly) but in the comics, all the other Titans including Raven refer to it as her Chakra. So I’m trying to find something that could be a good, cheap stand in for that. The closest thing I could find was this set of little red jewels that are supposed to look like blood drops so that you can stick them on your neck and make it look like you and Edward the sparkle man just made out, if you happen to be a Twilight girl. I am not a Twilight girl, so I would definitely not be using them for that. I’m worried they might be a little small on the forehead, but it’s really the only thing I can find at the moment so I’m considering it.

Now as for the rest of the makeup, it has to be something dark. I almost want to do something with wing motif to go with the whole “Raven” theme and tie it all together with the little bird decals I will have on my fingernails (not something that is in the comic books, but too awesome to not include). But at the same time, I don’t want it to be too “costume-y” because this is supposed to look like her, after all.

I was thinking of just doing a basic deep black look like this:

Gotta say though, I’m not sure I’m loving the dark purple lips. Simply because I have NO purple in my outfit, so I’m not sure I want to bring in that fourth color since I’m already doing blue (in two shades!), red (her head jewel and fingernail paint), and a splash of gold (in the belt and pins and Rings of Azar); so where exactly would the purple tie in? And I don’t want to do black lips, that would make it too straightforward gothic of a look, and Raven isn’t really Goth. Even though many people like to interpret her that way. Maybe I’ll go for a deep burgundy sort of red to tie in with the fingernails.

I have about three months to figure this out, so it’s not exactly something to be worried about. I’m just getting so excited for comicon that I must do SOMEthing concerning it. =D It turns out that one of my friends who I thought wasn’t going to come IS going to come after all, and she still plans on cosplaying as Starfire (the cartoon version) to go with my Raven. For anyone who might not know, Raven and Starfire are the only two girls on the cartoon version of the Teen Titans. Starfire is an alien princess who fell to earth while escaping captors, and she decided to stay here as a member of the Teen Titans.

Raven and Starfire together will be a double awesome cosplay. So I’m very excited that I’ll have the opportunity to do that. ^_^

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