Published March 3, 2012 by HomburgerNaeNae

So I’m en route to a Florida vacation home with my family. This means a LOT of time in the car listening to my mp3 player, Jerry, and reading (currently the book I am reading is “Burton on Burton”, the autobiography of Tim Burton, and may I just say, it is well worth the $18 I paid for it. When I am finished, a review will be posted here on the reviews page). Unfortunately watching movies isn’t as much of an option, since every 20 minute episode of TV takes a whole quarter of Jerry’s battery, and Shiva (my computer) seems to betray me and suck the life out of her battery even faster than Jerry does when I want to watch stuff. So I only watch very select things, such as the new episode of Teen Titans that I bought on Wednesday.

I’m a nerd, so it does’t bother me in the least that I watch children’s cartoons. Besides, I find TT to be genuinely good, with average/decent storylines, excellent voice acting, and interesting humor. It’s honestly more intriguing than the comics that it is based off of, which is more or less a soap opera. I even forgive the anime touches added to the animation, because I would so much rather watch those cartoons than read the comics. That’s a bit sad, yes.

So it got me thinking about MY version of the Teen Titans. Because I’ve been a fan of the world of Batman and all the things that tie into it for so long, and because I’ve read material from every concievable era and every different interpretation of the characters, I’ve had to sift through all the information and choose what to believe as my own personal interpretation of the world and what I think is crap. Since I’ve done it with Batman, I’ve done it with Teen Titans, too. Not to sound prideful, but I think my versions of these worlds in DC comics are much better because I prefer to keep it simple.

I’ve been thinking that I should finally just write down MY version of how I see things in these two worlds (Batman and Teen Titans) since it’s always been only in my head up until now. I used to be very guarded and private over my vision for how I would write the worlds of DC comics if I could, but now I’m thinking, what the heck? Why not put it out there and see what other people would think? Why not see if anyone would be interested in seeing Batman as mainly a detective, not a gadget wizard; or a slightly steampunk inspired Teen Titans team?

As soon as I can get some illustrations done and added in here, I’ll be updating with my own ideas of how I see these worlds. No one might care, but who knows. Maybe someone will.

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